Within the framework of the Ministry of Environment’s “Prepare for Green” initiative to spread environmental awareness under the patronage of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.
And based on the leadership of Inter City Club in adopting initiatives aimed at positive change in Egyptian society, and providing the best services to its members.
And in cooperation with Zero Prime Technologies, which specializes in developing infrastructure for smart and sustainable cities.

A cooperation protocol has been signed between the Intercity Club in Sadat City and Zero Prime to provide a “Can Bank” machine that aims to spread the culture of recycling in the club and the Egyptian community, especially among the youth group, by giving users incentive rewards automatically such as discounts on some products, mobile credit or Enable them to donate it in exchange for used and recyclable beverage cans or plastic bottles to encourage them to adopt that culture.
Inter City Club will be the first Egyptian club to implement this system in a sustainable manner.


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